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Traditional Body Brushing

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Traditional Body Brushing

Body Brushing has been used for thousands of years with links to Scandinavian cultures and traditions. Originally body brushing would have been implemented in saunas and steam rooms, sometimes with tree branches instead of a brush, to give an invigorating experience before plunge pooling into a nearby lake or sea. The combination of intense pressure, exfoliation and salt on the skin, as well as the change in temperature, has been proven to be beneficial to the body. Not only this but research suggests that body brushing can also improve mental wellbeing as by draining the lymph nodes it means that toxins can be removed around the body and the blood which can put the brain under stress.

Body Brushing is a combination of intense exfoliation and steady massage to encourage lymph node drainage and increasing the circulation of blood to that part of the body. Dry Brushing is great for those who suffer from uneven skin texture or cellulite but works quickly to buff away the top layers of dead skin cells on the skin surface to leave the skin softer and smoother.

For the most effective way to Body Brush it should be done in long, smooth strokes – working up from the feet and moving towards your heart. The idea is not to ‘scrub’ at the skin but use the long strokes to improve the circulation under the skin itself. Changing the amount of pressure used on different areas of skin is important as different areas are more sensitive so only need the lightest amount of pressure.

We recommend using our body brush or exfoliating soap block at least weekly but daily if possible, to help improve the skin around the body as well as your circulation and overall wellbeing. Always follow body brushing or exfoliating with your favourite moisturiser or body oil to rebalance and hydrate the skin.

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