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We have created two new beautiful treatment rooms, Body and Face, where we will be offering a full range of treatments using the latest technology and high-performance natural skin care products.In addition to our constantly evolving wellness space, we have installed a state-of-the-art Infared sauna and birch filled shower room. Time to pause, allow time to stand still for a moment.

Facials in London | pause in your day to relax into a head, neck and shoulder massage. Let us melt away tension and give you a well deserved pocket of calm




A 30 minute pause in your day to relax into a head, neck and shoulder massage. Let us melt away tension and give you a well deserved pocket of calm

A bespoke (unisex) facial using beautiful results-driven naturally derived skincare products, focused on deeply hydrating your skin.


1h - 1h 30min

From £85

GLOW is the ultimate wellbeing facial treatment to rebalance and rejuvenate your skin by treating a wide range of skin complaints, hydrating your skin for a 'lit from within' glow. This is suitable for all skin types.

After a consultation, the treatment begins with a double cleanse using pure, powerful and organic cleansers to suit your individual skin needs, followed by a bespoke mineral rich white and green clay mask or wildcrafted Icelandic seaweed mask. Melt away tension with a head, neck and shoulder massage as your face mask sets. Red/Blue or combination LED light therapy is then used while you relax into a foot and lower leg massage.

Your treatment will finish with an extended facial massage using a natural, detoxifying cell renewing oil, followed by Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage and acupressure to boost radiance. Glow will leave you looking and feeling deeply rested.

London Facial using hot stone mushrooms and facial cupping


1h - 1h 30min

From £100

Designed to lift, sculpt and smooth, this (unisex) facial experience involves LED with foot massage, a combination of Gua Sha, facial cupping, hot stone mushrooms, ice globes and optional Intraoral/buccal massage. Sculptural facial massage techniques will leave you relaxed, plumped and visibly lifted.

LED light therapy in London

LED light therapy

LED light therapy is an incredible non invasive treatment that when using different wavelengths of light, will speed up cell renewal, creating new collagen rich skin cells, fade scarring/ pigmentation/ sun damage, help clear acne or blemishes and even out skin tone. In this 45 minute appointment, you can relax while the light therapy mask works its magic, and be pampered with a tension releasing foot massage. This is a high performance skin treatment disguised as bliss.

* We do not recommend this treatment for clients undergoing cancer treatment or whom are pregnant. Also for clients who suffer with epilepsy/seizures triggered by light, unless there have been no seizures for at least 5 years. Always wear the safety goggles provided.*

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