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Cancellation Policy


We do understand that life changes and sometimes you will need to cancel or change your booking. We do not take your card details or charge a deposit at the point of booking but instead enforce this policy whereby you agree at the point of booking, whether through our website, the Fresha App or in person that you understand the policy in full and are legally liable for any costs incurred by not adhering to it.

If you do wish to cancel we ask for 24 hours notice by either email to:, by phone call or text message to +44 7871 307808, in person at our salon in Dalston, by the "contact us" page on our website: or using your Fresha App.

We reserve the right to charge you 50% of your total appointment value if you do not cancel within the time frame detailed above and we are unable to fill your cancelled slot - if this is the case we will send you an invoice with a payment link.

If you do not turn up for your appointment (No-Show) and do not give us any notice of cancellation then we reserve the right to charge you the full value of all treatments booked - if this is the case we will send you an invoice with a payment link.

We may ask you for a 50% deposit for group or multiple bookings over the value of £150 - we will send you an invoice with a payment link for this. In addition to the policies above we require 48 hours notice of cancellation for this type of booking and reserve the right to not refund the deposit if this is the case.

If you have been flagged as a “no-show”, we may ask you to pay a 50% deposit for your treatment through a payment link before we can confirm your booking.

We respectfully ask you to settle any invoice that you receive against these policies within 7 days. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in further action being taken to recover this debt and possible legal action being instigated through our 3rd party debt recovery agency.

These policies are important to us as we are a small family business and are put in place to protect us financially and allow us to continue and grow offering the competitive services that we love to do.