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STILL LONDON / Nail Studio + Treatment Rooms

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Still London is a natural nail studio, treatment space and Infrared sauna room.

As an idea Still was founded in 2017 with our flagship salon opening in Dalston, London, opening in early 2019.  
Our aim was simple, to make a positive change within the nail and beauty industry by pioneering the use of only natural, vegan and cruelty free products whilst being kind to the environment.  

Still and Sauna was launched in 2020 located within our flagship salon where we created two new beautiful treatment rooms and installed a state of the art Infrared Sauna. We offer a full range of treatments using the latest technology and high performance natural skin care products.
Still London Treatments

Our salon is heavily influenced by our British and Norse Heritage with both places fuelling our inspiration in their raw natural landscapes, spellbinding plants and oceans and of course their love for the Sauna! 

Choosing Dalston for our first space seemed like the perfect location, we wanted to offer people a place of relaxation and natural self care in one of the busiest cities in the world, to take a few moments of calm.  

Creating a sense of stillness is at the heart of everything we do. Our spaces are carefully curated in design with every detail considered to ensure an overall feeling of wellbeing. We have chosen our products in our nail studio and treatment rooms for their environmental and sustainable impact without compromising efficiency and quality. 

Scent has always been a crucial element for all we do at Still. We understand the importance of scent and more importantly the relationship between scent and our emotions. We use fragrance in our space and in our products to impact our emotions in a positive way.  

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Still London - 450 Kingsland Road, London (Dalston), E8 4AE