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We have created three new beautiful treatment rooms, Body, Face and Sauna, where we will be offering a full range of treatments using the latest technology and high-performance natural skin care products. In addition to our constantly evolving wellness space, we have installed a state-of-the-art Infrared sauna and birch filled shower room. Time to pause, allow time to stand still for a moment.


Facial Highlight


60 / 90 mins

From £100

Designed to lift, sculpt and smooth, this facial includes LED light therapy, facial cupping and Gua Sha. The key part of this treatment is the sculptural facial massage with acupressure to relieve tension, boost radiance, and help sculpt and define the jaw. Advanced sculptural facial massage techniques will leave you plumped, defined and visibly lifted.


Massage Highlight


30 / 60 / 90mins

From £55

Deep Tissue massage incorporates the use of elbows, forearms and fists to penetrate muscles effectively, relieving tension and dissipating knots. Guided by touch, your therapist will find and apply static pressure to trigger points in all the problem areas unique to you. Deep Tissue does not equal a painful treatment! Knots can still be broken down with less pressure using deep tissue techniques, equating to a relaxing and relieving experience.

This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy.

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Still London Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Sauna | An essential part of Nordic Life and Culture

25 / 45 mins

£35- £50

Our state of the art cedar Infrared Sauna is a place to recharge and unwind with many health benefits.
The far infrared heat produced by our sauna penetrates naturally to help remove toxins, relieve muscle pain, increase metabolism, ease joint pain and stiffness, improve the appearance of cellulite and overall improve skin. To complete the treatment soak in our luxury shower scented with traditional birch bundles and enjoy a complementary Natural Green Clay Soap.

Not suitable during pregnancy.

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60 / 90mins


Calm the mind, body and soul with our 60 or 90 minute reflexology treatment, specifically for those seeking to alleviate stress in order to help the body function better. The treatment begins with a relaxing foot soak in sustainably sourced Icelandic Sea Salts followed by Reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient alternative therapy that uses a massage technique applied to pressure points on the feet connected to different parts of the body. The premise of Reflexology, is that the feet are a “mini-map” of the body and by applying a light/ medium pressure in a specific sequence, you can support the body to balance and heal itself. Reflexology can help relax the nervous system- especially those who suffer with anxiety, boost circulation, eliminate toxins and stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms.

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LED light therapy | an incredible non invasive treatment. Relax while the light therapy mask works it's magic.

LED light therapy

45 mins


LED light therapy is an incredible non invasive treatment that when using different wavelengths of light, will speed up cell renewal, creating new collagen rich skin cells, fade scarring/ pigmentation/ sun damage, help clear acne or blemishes and even out skin tone. In this 45 minute appointment, you can relax while the light therapy mask works its magic including a hand and arm massage. This is a high performance skin treatment disguised as bliss.

Not suitable during pregnancy.

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Still Sun. Still Sun Essential Oil Blend. A crisp and warming blend of Orange, Star Anise, Petitgrain and Patchouli with a touch of spice. Each oil is made in small batches by hand and using only natural ingredients.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing Highlight Treatment

Sound & Sense

60 mins


Sound and Sense starts with 45 minutes of reflexology followed by a 15 minute crystal sonic sound bath. Reflexology is a type of massage that applies pressure to points in the feet connected to different parts of the body. Reflexology is known to release blockages caused by stress and tension that can cause an imbalance in the body causing a build up of toxins. Our crystal sonic bath will feel like you’re bathing in the sound frequencies of the alchemy crystal singing bowls to facilitate a deeper level of relaxation and promote energy flow through the different layers of your body. The vibrational sound of the crystal singing bowls will travel throughout your entire energy field as they are attuned with the chakras and endocrine system leaving you feeling a sense of grounded self awareness.

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