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Mood enhancing oil burner

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Mood enhancing oil burner

We love working with craftspeople from not only the UK but around the world to create beautiful objects that will improve your life through their aesthetic and sensory benefits. Our new Brass Oil Burner has been made by artisans in northern India using only the finest brass and marble. 

Each burner is made in small batches specifically for us with a marble tea light holder in the base that makes the burner more stable and an object that will fit into any room. The burner has taken 6 months for us to develop and works better than a lot of conventional burners that we have tried due to the solid brass construction which disperses the heat of the flame evenly to warm the natural oil above. 

To celebrate the launch of our oil burner we have also developed two unique Natural Oil Blends that contain essential oils that will transform the energy of a space within moments. Each oil is made by hand in small batches and using only the finest ingredients. The bottles are made from Ultraviolet light dispersing glass that protects the natural oil within.

Sun Oil Burner Blend 

This oil has been made with a blend of Orange, Star Anise, Petitgrain and Patchouli to create a unique blend that will give energy and warmth to a space. The Orange and Star Anise create an alluring and aromatic citrus top note that is brought out with the bitter orange of Petitgrain oil and just a touch of energetic spice with Patchouli.

Moon Oil Burner Blend

We wanted our Moon Oil to be an intriguing blend with astral oils that will create the feeling of a new and alien landscape. Frankincense, Black Pepper and Amber create a blend that will cool, refresh and invigorate the air around you and create a new way of experiencing a space to view it in a whole new way.

Explore the COSMOS gift set, containing both of our Oil Burner Blends and Brass Oil Burner 

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