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Calmness in Winter

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Calmness in Winter

December is a month filled with moments of joy, comfort and relaxation but many people find that, with these expectations and goals at the end of it, they are consumed with anxiety, stress and an overwhelming feeling of not enough time to fit everything in. Before it has even started the festive season is built up with a host of different events and time-consuming activities in the preparation for a month which is meant to signify the darkest time of the year and therefore a time to reflect and take some time out. 

With holiday preparations in full swing and increasingly imminent time seems to be squeezed and the days never long enough to fit everything in. Anxiety and stress can be tripled by the expectation that everything has to be done and finished by the 25th of December which can be a burden that weighs heavily on top of the increased pressure of 2020 in general.

Today, we read about the rise in Tech Apnoea – the unconscious holding of breath or shallow breathing whilst writing an email, posting to Instagram and composing an important text. More people than ever have been found to be doing this which has been proven to raise blood pressure and put the brain into a fight or flight situation that causes immense and constant stress on the body.  

Still was founded to try and help with the daily stresses of life that have been growing bigger and bigger in 2020 as everyone tries their best to deal with the world-wide pandemic. Every product has been formulated with this in mind- to create moments of calm and Stillness in a day that might not usually have any opportunity. With this in mind we ask all of our customers and friends to try harder in December to remember that self-care is more important than work or being busy. Looking after yourself is the key to a happy and truly successful life that isn’t measured in how many hours you’ve managed to work or money you have made. 

To add to this for 2020 a lot of people may be feeling isolated and alone at a time when they should be with family or friends due to Covid precautions. If it’s possible and safe to do so, take some time out to contact the people around you to check in and make sure they’re getting through the winter. For many, this year could be hard with an increased workload but no reward of time out with family at the end of it so encourage those around you to grab moments of still where possible is so important. 

Traditionally Christmas is a time to stop and take some time out but if the lead up is filled with working double the amount then it defeats this purpose. Try to take some time to breathe, reflect and think throughout December whenever possible but above all, remember not to be too hard on yourself if those moments don’t always present themselves as everyone is doing the best they can.

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