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The Perfect Packaging - Notpla Seaweed Paper

Posted by Shelly Elson on
The Perfect Packaging - Notpla Seaweed Paper

For our new natural soap bar we considered how to package it very carefully. The standard options available did not seem to match the special product that had we created and were not as environmentally friendly as we wanted.

We needed a solution that was simple yet elegant, whilst having great sustainability credentials which became an increasingly bigger problem the more we looked into it. We then came across the amazing people at Notpla, who had created the unique process of making paper from seaweed.

It takes less than 6 weeks for the packaging to completely decompose in a home compostable environment due to the new process of using marine fibres that break down naturally.

By partnering with this amazing company Notpla we are proud to have become the first brand in the UK to have a product wrapped in this paper. 


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