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Natural Body Brush
Natural Body Brush
Natural Body Brush
Natural Body Brush

Exfoliating Body Brush


Body Brush 

Dry body brushing is the perfect start to the day to feel invigorated and energised.

Made from natural fibres this body brush by Elytrum is the perfect size to fit into the palm of your hand and should be used gently but firmly in long strokes towards your heart going over each area two to three times, the tummy area in a clock wise motion.

It has been proven that dry body brushing increases circulation, can reduce the appearance of cellulite and can improve skin tone and texture.

Body brushing regularly will achieve smooth, healthy and glowing skin. 

100% natural and vegan-friendly | made with renewable & sustainable resources | toxic- and plastic-free | ethically handmade | eco-friendly | compostable | durable | gentle to your skin

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