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    I’d never had a manicure before I visited Still London, a stylish salon in Dalston, east London, that focuses on cruelty- and toxic-free beauty. A...
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    Try a toxic-free pedicure in East London. The holistic nail studio STILL London is now open in Dalston, where you can enjoy non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan treatments, from manicures to facials, in soothing interiors of dusky pink and grey.
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    Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to what we can have adorning our nails. These are the Stylist beauty team’s favourite spots in London for the best quality nail art around.
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    Pamper yourself with a crystal facial
    While we're in the beauty department, crystal facials are now also a thing. Dalston-based toxic free beauty salon Still London offers "The High Vibe" (£80), a 90-minute facial designed to "cleanse your auric field" with energy healing and crystals – it involves facial cupping, chakra balancing and facial reflexology.
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    We are moving into the non-toxic era where we are all conscious of what we’re putting inside our bodies and on our skin. Born out of this concept is STILL, the East-London clean and toxic free beauty salon providing unparalleled customer service in a calm and relaxing environment.
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    STILL London

    If you're feeling frazzled, burned out and in need of some lengthy, holistic relaxation, look no further than the High Vibe facial available at the vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic "wellness salon", STILL London in Hackney.
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    Having been rather manic of late I decide to treat myself to a facial. While I love a massage, the beauty of a facial (literally) is that you get to lie down and be pampered for an hour and your skin glows for ages afterwards. I’m all for long-lasting effects and maximising any treatments I have. I’m also very interested in the more spiritual side of life, so when I hear about a new salon that combines beauty and crystal-healing I’m on my way to Dalston before you can say ‘rose quartz’.
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    Just opened this Spring, Dalston's holistic nail art studio STILL-London is the new natural beauty hotspot in the city