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Incense Sticks - eordmistel feldminte (Britain)

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Incense Sticks - eordmistel feldminte (Britain)

How it works

Our incense sticks are made by hand in India before being infused with their essential oil blends in the UK and being allowed to air dry naturally for 2-3 weeks. They are made the traditional way with only natural raw materials and pure essential oils because this means that no harmful chemicals are given off when they are burnt.


Scent Intention

Eordmistel Feldminte is inspired by the English countryside with wild basil, peppermint and parsley creating an uplifting and energetic incense that is light, crisp and herbaceous. The essential oils used are clean and green in their aromatic blend with a well-balanced energy that we have designed to uplift and reassure. These are best burned in the morning to set the day up for positivity and joy.


Combine with

Natural Rejuvenating Cuticle Oil

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