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Incense Sticks - rosmarin birki ( Iceland )

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Incense Sticks - rosmarin birki ( Iceland )

How it works

Our incense sticks are made by hand in India before being infused with their essential oil blends in the UK and being allowed to air dry naturally for 2-3 weeks. They are made the traditional way with only natural raw materials and pure essential oils because this means that no harmful chemicals are given off when they are burnt.


Scent Intention

Rosmarin Birki is inspired by the Icelandic natural world with dark, woody herbs, smoky forest fires and ice-cold glaciers. The idea of wrapping a blanket around your loved ones and sitting outside in front of an open wood fire and staring out across the ice-covered landscape and freezing sea beyond. Rosemary provides a powerful, green and woody note that is matched with Birch Tar and a touch of Juniper leaf to create a smoky and aromatic blend.


Combine with

Natural Regenerating and Protecting Hand Balm 

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