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Incense Sticks - incienso sagrado (S America)

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Incense Sticks - incienso sagrado (S America)

How it works

Our incense sticks are made by hand in India before being infused with their essential oil blends in the UK and being allowed to air dry naturally for 2-3 weeks. They are made the traditional way with only natural raw materials and pure essential oils because this means that no harmful chemicals are given off when they are burnt.


Scent Intention

Rituals are a key part of why we started Still and incense has historically been a big part of this around the world. For this incense we really wanted to embody the history and importance of rituals and a place that has always had a focus on rituals is South America. We took inspiration from incense resins, white sage, scented woods and the burning of sacred herbs to create this slightly spicy and ritualistic scent. Burn it throughout the day for focus when concentration starts to dwindle to transport you to a swaying camp fire and spiritual affirmation.


Combine with

Natural Regenerating and Protecting Hand Balm 

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