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The Importance of Scent

Posted by Shelly Elson on
The Importance of Scent
Scent has always been close to our hearts and throughout history, since humans developed a sense of smell, scent has been important to not only comfort but also survival. Smell has been vital to enable us to track food, test if plants are edible, find a partner and to communicate. Although our sense of smell is not as acute as other animals, we know that humans are able to detect up to 10,000 different odour molecules. Scientific studies have found links between neural scent receptors and the areas of the brain used for memory and the processing of emotions.

When we are formulating new products or burning our natural incense sticks, in the salon or at home, scent molecules are being constantly released into the air. They are breathed in, finding their way up the nose to cause instant reactions with scent receptors. These molecules have a huge power: the power to comfort, upset, uplift or anger but what we find so interesting about the importance of scent is how every one will always provoke an emotional response. Every product we make, even the natural skincare products, start chiefly with their scent ingredients as this will be the initial impact of the product and the one which will capture the memories and emotions for everyone who uses them.

Being 100% natural, our products use pure essential oils that have been distilled or extracted from raw materials from around the world. These oils are made of the pure scent molecules themselves and form the building blocks of what creates a scented oil compared with an unscented oil. These essential oils are then carefully blended by hand in small batches to create a sensory journey in each product that will create a balanced and many layered experience that develops over time. The top note is made up of smaller molecules that are lighter and dissipated faster than the heavier and larger oils of the middle and base notes. These stay for longer on the skin or in the air and are usually deeper and darker notes that bring memories of comfort and warmth as a posed to the top notes that are characteristically fresher and lighter.

Creating an emotional response in others is such a special experience for us to have the joy of having. Our products are personal and hand crafted: we know all the people that work to create them at each stage and they are genuinely made with a lot of love. The idea that our incense could turn a bad day into a good one through the power of our blend of scent molecules being expelled into the air is incredible and part of the daily life of creating our products. The rituals we are creating are for normal life, to help with the stresses and trials of modern life, to create a moment of Still.

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