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Why we're Natural and Cruelty Free

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Why we're Natural and Cruelty Free


Over the past year we have been working hard to develop, test and manufacture a range of products that are intrinsically linked and inspired by the original ethos of the salon. Every product we make or use will always be 100% natural and cruelty free- it is this that is at the core of what we do and the overall thought process of why we set Still up in the beginning.

We knew that by opening the salon and then creating products we could potentially be adding to the problem of waste, pollution and harmful chemicals being released into the world so we thought very hard about what our impact would be and how to minimise it, and what the products themselves should contain. All of our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible with reusable containers made from glass. We also use recycled and acid free paper and card. As a small company we can’t do everything we would like to do just yet with our packaging but we are conscious of our impact and this will improve as we grow.

The main focus has and always will be on the ingredients in the products we use and in the products we make. Every product is natural and cruelty free with no harmful chemicals and we also limit the number of naturally occurring allergens as much as possible. We think this is important as the more we research the harmful effects of synthetic products the more we are reassured to stay away from them.

Synthetic chemicals that are used in a lot of popular skincare products can cause skin irritation and make skin conditions such Psoriasis and Eczema worse and more painful. They can also have an environmental impact with synthetic wash off products such as hand washes being washed directly into the water system- using products on your skin that are unsafe for the natural world seems so wrong and, literally, ‘unnatural’. 

Natural products have been proven to be more effective, kind to the skin and good for the environment when used correctly. They are sustainable and earth friendly whilst also being skin friendly and more gentle than harsh synthetic chemicals. The scents of natural fragrance from essential oils is also more unique, long lasting and can have therapeutic benefits which synthetics do not. Natural and Vegan products can cost more to make  because they are grown and distilled which takes time. We believe this is a small price to pay  for not only their increased quality but also their active effects but therapeutic benefits.

Still was founded to do good and give a new sense of calm and stillness to customers busy and stressful modern lives. We do that by creating meaningful spiritual daily rituals and using only the best natural products.

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