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Choosing a winter candle

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Choosing a winter candle
As the days become shorter and darker many of us begin to burn more candles than we have done in the last few months. Throughout the summer it can be too hot and hectic to find the time to sit back and take time out to enjoy a scented candle. One of our favourite things about the winter months is that there’s usually a bit more time inside or at home (especially this year). This means more time to try and find a moment of Still and enjoy burning your favourite candle.

Our first three candle scents have been purposefully formulated to create a complex and emotional response as they fill a room. Throughout the winter there will undoubtedly be highs and lows, quiet days and loud days- so it is important to know which candles we recommend for each time of day or each mood. These are only our recommendations as we also believe that scent is so personal it can be difficult to translate one person’s feelings to another. 


River / Ain Candle


Out of the three candles that we have made in this Icelandic range this is the freshest and lightest with a blend of Bay Laurel, Basil and Oregano. It’s a lovely mix of dark and light with Hydocheim to give a moody note to signify seaweed and a dark river bank.  

We love to burn this candle in the morning to cleanse sleepy heads and invigorate the mind ready for the day ahead. It’s light enough to give a boost of energy but not overly fresh or sweet.






Moss / Mosa


This is a darker and greener scent with a heady Oakmoss, Vetiver and Black Pepper blend of oils that is resinous and green. Imagine a dark and shaded forest with green moss growing up ancient trees. 

This is a great scent for throughout the day and into the night but we find it’s especially good for getting through stressful situations or moments of anxiety. The warmth and earthy nature of this candle is ideally suited to grounding and calming the body and mind and it seems to work every time! 






Stone / Steinn


A classic evening scent that is rich with Fir Needles, Pine, Earth and Birch. The addition of May Chang to the formula gives it the lively energy of an erupting volcano but with the cold woodiness from the Fir Needle bringing it away from being too citrus or fresh. 

Stone is an imposing and seemingly giant in its power and depth to emphasise the idea of the huge formations of rock that inspired it. It’s perfect for cold and dark evenings to give a comforting glow to any room.

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