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Scent to create Stillness

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Scent to create Stillness


The creation of our first candle range was a process that we felt was an important moment in the creation of our natural product range. Candles are such beautiful and meaningful expressions of a brand identity and in particular our ethics and approach to creating new products. A candle symbolises warmth, serenity, calm and comfort- to take a moment out of your day to light a candle has a huge impact on wellness so it was key to think about them carefully to make them as special as they need to be.

Our first candle range is focused around some of the experiences we have had at our home in Iceland as well as exploring the unique landscapes. Iceland is such an incredible county and the natural elements seem to always draw our attention with gigantic rocks, black sand beaches and huge mossy plains that seem to go on forever. The air is fresh and feels like we are going back in time to a world without pollution, people or noise. The landscape is so serene and undisturbed, it lets you appreciate the power and beauty of nature in a way that can instantly bring calm and stillness to even the most stressful of times. 

It was this feeling that we needed to recreate in our first range of candles- a sense of natural and elemental stillness from three different perspectives and changes in emotion. We have used only pure essential oils blended at a high percentage with responsibly sourced soy wax with organic cotton wicks. Only the best materials have been used to make sure of a clean and long burn that will fill a room with scent whilst not containing any synthetic chemicals. The glasses are made in the UK in small batches to help keep our carbon footprint down and the boxes are made of uncoated card that are easily recyclable or reusable. In this way we have tried to make our candles as ethical and sustainable as possible whilst still creating something that is luxurious and special. 

Look out for more detailed features on each of our new candles soon or explore the range below to learn more about the incredible ingredients we have used.

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