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Welcome to STILL X ANGAN SKINCARE article. This section of our journal is dedicated to introducing the wonderful makers and brands behind our beauty and skincare products.


Iceland - simply uttering the countries name conjures up images of beautiful hot springs, invigoratingly pure water and lush dramatic landscapes. So it’s the perfect setting for a natural, sustainable and handcrafted skincare brand to be produced.

Founded by Iris Laxdal, ANGAN’s foundations are built on a simple premise; to utilise raw, naturally active ingredients found in the Icelandic Wilderness. Fortunately, Iceland has an abundance of naturally derived ingredients and ANGAN’s products harness the power of Icelandic salt, seaweed, moss, Arctic Thyme and Nordic Birch. With the addition of cold-pressed or steam distilled organic oils, ANGAN produce all-natural, effective skincare formulas that are ideal for caring, healing and scenting the body.


With their skincare offering being an exfoliating salt scrub and a beautiful assortment of bath salts, ANGAN’s products employ the benefits of one main ingredient; salt. Salt is well known for it’s myriad of health benefits, including - enhancing your skin's hydration, reducing inflammation and balancing oil production. For thousands of years, salt baths have been a highly esteemed medicinal therapy and Iceland are spoilt for choice when it comes to harnessing the power of salt; from bathing in geothermal pools and hot springs, to soaking in the Arctic Ocean, salt baths are a traditional cultural ritual in Iceland.

The salt used in ANGAN’s products is sustainably sourced and harvested by a local Icelandic salt producer. All the salt used in ANGAN’s products is harvested in the last stage of evaporation, meaning their salt contains a wealth of naturally occurring minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium). Geothermal energy is the sole energy source used to gather the salt and this method leaves a zero-carbon footprint on the environment and produces no CO2 or CH4 emissions, making it kind to your skin and kind to the planet.

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With one of the main factors of ANGAN’s conception being the questionable use of chemicals in some skincare products, all of ANGAN’s products are free from parabens and other synthetic ingredients, so you can rest assured there are no hidden ingredients embedded in their formula’s, meaning you can soak into their products safe in the knowledge that you and the planet are protected.

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