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Kure Bazaar



The Good Nail Philosophy
Since launching in 2012, Paris based nail specialist, Kure Bazaar has been at the forefront of a technically innovative, next-generation nail formula. Years of research has led to dramatically reducing the use of chemicals, instead creating an exclusive formula of up to 90% natural origin, from potatoes, cotton, corn and wheat, bamboo and vitamin E. A new philosophy that preserves the vitality of nails respecting their natural cycle of regeneration. Smooth, strong and healthy - detox your nails in colour!
The Founder
Former Swiss/Indonesian supermodel, Kartika Luyet, created her iconic nail brand when she was pregnant to match her organic lifestyle. Conscious about what she was putting in her body, she was surprised to find no natural alternative for a classic nail polish existed. Her challenge was to develop a non-toxic nail polish without compromise; it had to have staying power, be quick-drying and super-shiny with the most fashionable colours. 
The Complete Manicure Ritual…
The classic ritual of a good manicure begins with applying a protective base coat. CLEAN acts like a primer, creating an airbrushed effect for nails for a flawless base. Follow with two THIN coats of color and a protective top coat. DRY FINISH is an ultra-quick and ultra-shiny drying treatment. It dries your nail polish in just a few minutes while giving shine to your colour. 
The Vibrant Colours of Fashion
Responsible for some of the most stylish nail looks to be featured in fashion shows, on the talons of royalty, Hollywood A-listers and loved by celebrity make-up artists, Kure Bazaar chic colours detoxify your nails whilst celebrating the vibrant colours of fashion…its no wonder it has the whole fashion and beauty world talking.