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Non-Toxic Wellness Salon, STILL, Launches In East London

Posted by Sean Fraser on
Non-Toxic Wellness Salon, STILL, Launches In East London

We are moving into the non-toxic era where we are all conscious of what we’re putting inside our bodies and on our skin. Born out of this concept is STILL, the East-London clean and toxic free beauty salon providing unparalleled customer service in a calm and relaxing environment. All beauty products used on customers are non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan and organic which is rare to find in salons especially when it comes to nail care as the majority of polishes on the market are still made using Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Toluene which are harmful chemicals. STILL uses Kure Bazaar polish which is a nail game changer with its on-trend colours that do not harm you or the environment. For those who prefer a gel mani, ORLY natural gel polish is used, unlike most gel nail varnishes, it strengthens and repairs your nail as opposed to weakening the nail bed. STILL offers an array of bespoke manicure and pedicure treatments with a Nordic influence from Swedish hand and arm massages to Icelandic Arctic Ocean soak/massage. If you want to jazz up your nails, opt for nail art by London’s most talented nail artists, they can create your vision or you can choose from their unique designs. STILL has a holistic approach to beauty, offering high vibe facials using crystals, energy healing, reflexology and massages combined with nature’s most beautiful ingredients to make you shine inside and out. Alongside this, STILL has a beautifully curated selection of holistic products from crystals and jade rollers to sustainable and natural wellness products from Iceland. Pop down to this holistic wellness hub to try out one of their unique natural treatments to indulge in some pampering in the most natural way possible.

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