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Fabric Magazine - Crystal Healing Review

Posted by Sean Fraser on
Fabric Magazine - Crystal Healing Review


CRYSTAL HEALING......................

STILL London is a new vegan, non-toxic, holistic nail studio and crystal house located in Dalston, East London. They are rightly committed to creating a 100% cruelty-free salon and only source brands that commit to keeping the environment and sustainability issue at the forefront of their production. To say that STILL is an upmarket nail-bar would be doing it a disservice as it’s so much more than that. Beautifully designed, (no surprise that owner Shelley has a background in interiors) there are manicure and pedicure stations as well as cabinets hosting an abundance of pretty crystals for sale. The vibe is buzzy and friendly and feels like a very positive addition to the neighbourhood.

I’m here for a High Vibe Facial performed by ‘free spirit therapist’ Daisy who is an advocate for holistic wellness and natural medicine. As she explains in my pre-treatment consultation, she’ll be focussing on nature’s ingredients, using crystals and energy healing. She takes me through an array of gadgets that she’ll be using, from jade rollers and reflexology crystal pens through to Gua-Sha tools and actual crystals that she’ll lay on my body as required. I get cosy on the bed and Daisy gets to work. She starts with a double cleanse and exfoliation and applies serums and masks using her holistic tools of the trade. It’s unbelievably relaxing and during the gentle facial and head massage I can’t help but fall asleep. I wake myself up with a snort but I’m glad that I do as I have a classic FOMO when it comes to facials like this. I relax so deeply that sleep calls, yet I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

Daisy performs some Reiki on me next and despite her hands being near, but not on me, I feel some incredible tingling sensations and at one point feel like I’ve started to float above the bed! Once the treatment ends I have the opposite feeling like I’ve sunk so far into the bed I’ve actually become it and there is no way I can ever leave the salon. Daisy works some kind of magic over me and, once I’ve been encouraged to get up from the bed, explains that she sensed a strong feminine and maternal energy from me. She said that I give a lot out but don’t receive enough back in return. I couldn’t agree more and instantly buy a rose quartz crystal as a present to myself on the way out.

It’s pretty hard to face the real world and jump on the train when I leave the salon as I feel somewhat ethereal and that I’m floating rather than walking up Kingsland Road. My skin is glowing too and the facial massage and reflexology have given a definite lift to both my face and my spirits. When I get home and glance at my FitBit app it proclaims “you seem to have napped today for 1 hour 25 minutes”, it’s not far from the truth!

Well worth the trip; if you are looking for some tip-top nail art, or the most spiritual facial in town, STILL London is the place to go.

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