still londonIcelandic Arctic Ocean Soak/Massage and Orly 12-Free Gel Polish Pedicure

Luxury Icelandic Soak/Massage and Non-Toxic Gel Polish Pedicure

1hr 15mins
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The treatment begins by soaking your feet in our mineral rich warm blend of sustainably sourced Icelandic sea salts, seaweed and herbs, This is then followed by exfoliating the feet and lower leg with a potent mix of Icelandic sea salts and organic essential oils scrub which will leave the skin feeling smooth and regenerated. The treatment is finished with a relaxing foot and lower leg massage using a blend of Icelandic natural oils to detoxify and improve circulation, leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. All Icelandic products are sourced from our supplier Angan Skincare, Reykjavik.

Followed by your pedicure using Non Toxic Gel Polish