Orly - The Story

Jeff Pink ORLY Founder, CEO, President - 

“I actually began my career in the beauty industry in the early ‘70s by opening a beauty supply store in Tarzana,California. California, as I’m sure you know, was the nail capital of the world in the ‘70s. I loved to chat with my customers and found, through these conversations, that nail technicians had very few choices in product lines. They also weren’t pleased with the level of service they were getting from these few manufacturers. Needless to say, the entrepreneur in me jumped at the chance to fulfill a need in this market. So, 35 years ago I started listening and addressing the needs of the nail technicians. They would tell me which types of products they needed. I elicited the help of top cosmetic chemists to create these tools and the techniques that would revolutionize nail care. It was the start of ORLY International, named after the most important woman in my life, my wife Orly.”

Always the pioneer brand, ORLY also reinvented the method of application for these superlative products. Taking a cue from the professionals, ORLY introduced the award-winning and patented Gripper CapTM in 2002. After 3 years of development in Italy, this patented and ergonomic tool made its premiere, providing nail technicians with ease of opening and flawless performance. ORLY has consistently been honored as a leader in beauty care. This recognition will continue as ORLY delivers a future rich in progressive concepts for hands, feet and body. The ORLY brand embodies a heritage of quality and devotion that beauty professionals in over 75 countries worldwide rely upon.